The recording of IN C+50 is available in two formats: the standard stereo version contained on the CD, and a binaural/3D sound version, mixed by Sylvain Cadars, that can be downloaded in a link available on the CD booklet.

Designed to be listened exclusively with headphones, the new technique of binaural mixing allows for an assessment of sound spatialisation closer to natural listening, since it reproduces the sound sources in 3D. The binaural version of In C+50 reproduces the concert situation, with the electric guitar in the centre and eight loudspeakers playing back the delays around the audience.

            Here some excerpts:

IN C+50  IN_C+50.html

#1 Put good headphones

#2 Close your eyes, open your ears

#3 Can you hear this sounding around you?

Aurélio Edler-CopesIN_C+50_aec.html